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Family Classics

Family Classics is our flagship program and continues to be a tremendously successful fundraiser for our customers.  We have selected the highest quality products from across the country for this brochure.  We have a wide selection of cookie dough, gourmet desserts, delicious cheesecakes and a wide selection of helpful and fun kitchen tools.

Patrol groups, youth groups, and athletic teams can raise funds right now for your trips & tournaments!  School clubs & bands – get a head start on raising your Fair Share monies with a Family Classics fundraiser.

Your Family Classics orders will be tallied and student-packed for you. And our fundraising specialists at 1st Place Fundraising will work with you to implement an incentive program that will help boost your sales!

Online Shopping at www.ShopMyFundraiser.com:

In addition to the choices in our Family Classics brochure, your customers will have the opportunity to shop our online store which offers over 150 more items including gourmet, kitchen and home, fashion and jewelry, tumblers, NFL & select collegiate items. There is something for everyone!  It’s easy for your customers to pay online and have their items shipped to the school or shipped to their home! It’s a great way for out-of-town friends and family to support your group!

Earn up to 40% profit for your group Expanded item choices with online store All orders are tallied and student-packed for you
Large variety of name brand products you will love Easy delivery Great prize program options
Great customer service

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