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Salty & Sweet

Salty & Sweet is a fun and easy fundraising campaign, filled with both salty and sweet snack items that will satisfy all of your cravings!  This brochure has a great selection of candy items from Pecanbacks to Peanut Butter Bears. We’ve also included our new favorite – Poppin Popcorn! Ten delicious popcorn flavors – what’s your favorite? Plus . . . don’t miss out on the delicious nuts, trail mix and cheese spreads we’ve included in this brochure!  All your favorites for a great party!

Your Salty & Sweet orders will be tallied and student-packed for you. Online shopping and payment is available for all of these items, and many can be shipped directly to your customers at home.

Plus, let us help find the right prize program to keep your sellers motivated!

Earn up to 40% profit for your group All orders are tallied and student-packed for you Great variety of items
Easy delivery Prize program options Great customer service

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